Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Interview Coaching for Kenyan jobs

Competition for jobs has never been tougher. As a result - are you stressed about an upcoming interview? Are you up against a lot of competition? Or have been made redundant and lost your confidence? I may have a guide to the solution of your situation.

I have this DVD and Audiobook CD that is a collection of the BEST tips, techniques and answers available. It has helped thousands of people beat the competition and win the job, and is guaranteed to help you too. The Audiobook is ideal for last minute revision in the car or on the way to an interview or to download it to your iPod, Phone or Mp3 player.
It is an easy and fun way to get really prepared for those tough questions.

What's in the pack:
• 135 Interview Answers DVD.
• Interview Techniques DVD.
• Audiobook CD for iPod or car.

Expected Results:
• More Job Offers
• Get your CV to the top
• Impress everyone you meet
• Banish interview nerves
• Handle tough questions with ease
• Stand out from the crowd
• Ask impressive questions
• Negotiate a better package

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