Thursday, May 19, 2011

Radio Presenters (5)-Jobs in Kenya and Uganda

An Ngo setting up by August is looking for talented individuals to be radio presenters.The NGO deals with youth education on life skills.
Do you satisfy the following criteria:::

1. Can you be capped by winning the best Talented Young Person as a radio presenter?

2. Can you fight it off without big names and make the big name yourself in the entertainment industry?

3. Can you cough your own 1 hour radio show which is both entertaining and educative in nature?

4. Can you be offered confident slots to cover for other presenters?

5. Do you believe hard work can pay off?

6. Can you initiate own Early Breakfast slot on a station that targets youth education and empowerment on day to day matters of life while not leaving behind their passion to be successful in their careers?

7. Can you be trusted not to look back after take off?

8. Do you believe you can gain support of your listeners composed of Talented Young People.

9. Can you show and prove that young people can break in to the biggest Radio Stations if they have the talent and the dedication?

10. Aged between 18 to 27 yrs?

11.Do you have a sharp grasp of the issues affecting the youth on a day to day basis?

12. Can you shoot to everyone’s attention within the shortest time possible?

If your answer to the above is YES-write to us a one page statement to prove the above.

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