Friday, May 13, 2011

what do i need to do to get a job in kenya

The high uneymployment rate still remains a pain to all kenyan governments come and past.More and more individuals clear campus in the hope of getting a place in the corporate world and thus start of their post-campus life but in most cases that does not materialize.Most who get jobs are either well connected or are just too what is the problem?
A fact of life is when humans fail they would rather blame it on another individual in order to protect their reputation.This far all fingers point to the government as the main problem point.While i do concure with most of the kenyan people-the goverment is the sole custodian of the country and thus should ensure proper planning and development-i beg to differ when they fail to swallow the harsh reality and accept that the time for pointing of fingers has come to an end and we thus need to determine our future....but how?


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