Friday, April 8, 2011

IT Executive

Executive – IT at Pwani Oil Products in Mombasa

Pwani Oil Products Ltd was founded in 1985 and directly employs over 500 people both nationally and internationally. Our mission is to refine lives by producing innovative and high quality products with the aim of exceeding the expectations of every client, offering outstanding customer service and great value. We believe that the prosperity of our business depends on successfully developing an integrated community of motivated and innovative employees. We therefore ensure that the team possesses a high level of morale through recognition and positive employee relations, as well as inspiring employees by offering opportunities for challenging work, personal development and growth. Pwani is now seeking to reward highly energetic young Kenyans who are willing to go the extra mile, have the attitude that could inspire fellow team mates. Pwani is seeking to recruit more as it is heading towards implementing ERP to integrate its systems & processes.



* Maintaining the hardware/network Infrastructure in the organization; Take custody of all computer software & ensure compliance to legal requirements such as licensing etc; Support the MIS Executive in the preparation/implementation of training programs that ensure sufficient computer literacy skills amongst staff;
* Maintenance of the PABX System;
* Negotiate &implement hardware/software maintenance & support contracts

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