Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Procurement officer::NGO JOBS IN KENYA,AFRICA

A humanitarian organization based in the UK wishes to set up a regional office in Kenya to serve the East/Central and the Horn of Africa in her endevours to launch intervention programs in the region. They have therefore asked momentam through the NGO Council to assist in sourcing for staff as listed. 
The Procurement Officer will have the responsibility of:
  • Procuring goods and services, calculating costs of orders
  • Charging or forwarding invoices to appropriate accounts
  • Preparing purchase orders and sending copies to suppliers as well as departments that make requests,
  • Contacting suppliers to schedule or expedite deliveries, contacting suppliers to resolve missed or late deliveries and shortages,
  • Tracking the status of requisitions, orders and contracts, and reviewing requisition orders to verify terminology, specifications and accuracy.
  • Reviewing and maintaining price lists

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