Friday, April 8, 2011

Web Systems Administrator

Web Systems Administrator


This professional will perform all aspects of web server support including installation and configuration, application installation, and assist with network connectivity troubleshooting, and record all contacts, troubleshooting steps, and resolutions into the IT Service Desk Management tool.

Essential functions for this position include:

Job Responsibilities:

* Define standards for all web server builds and configurations in accordance with standards
* Participate in defining security for all web environments
* Interface with project managers and developers in the design and architecture of new web services
* Manage change control in the web environment to insure maximum uptime for all client-facing systems
* Test and deploy OS and application patches for web servers
* Monitor all web environments for acceptable performance
* Manage all new build deployments for the web environment
* Maintain a test and staging environment for all web applications
* Support the marketing team with external marketing site changes
* Interface with third-party web services providers
* Insure web infrastructure is backed up as necessary
* Report to business regarding utilization and performance of web applications
* Research, resolve, and respond to questions received via telephone calls, e-mail, walk-ups, and call-backs in a timely manner, in accordance with current procedures
* Assist in person, or remotely, in the resolution of support issues to ensure timely impact on user satisfaction
* Monitor client support performance and maintenance schedule
* Provide support and assist in the management of company’s Information Technology (IT) asset management system


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