Tuesday, June 21, 2011


We are seeking a suitable person to fill in the position of Finance Officer.
The details of the vacancy are as follows:
Job Title: Finance Officer
Job Analyst: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Location: Head Office, Nairobi
Job Purpose:
The Finance Officer should ensure the effective functioning of finance department and administration of
finance operations and systems in support of the various programs in the organization. Additionally,
he/she should establish and maintain financial and management procedures, ensure compliance with all
regulatory requirements and ensure adequate resource acquisition for the development of services in

Main Tasks
Financial Management duties and responsibilities
• Directs and analyzes studies of general economic, business, and financial conditions their impact
on the organization's policies and operations.
• Appraises the organization's financial position and issues periodic reports on organization's
financial stability, liquidity, and growth.
• Coordinates tax reporting programs and investor relations activities.
• Analyzes, consolidates, and directs all cost accounting procedures together with statistical and
routine reports.
• To focus on the Cost Minimization and profit maximization of the organization.
• Anticipation of funds (capitalization) at a strategic level.
• Anticipation of funds (raising of funds)
• Making financial reports including quarterly management reports for strategic decision making
• Making Balance sheet & profit and loss statements for management decision making.
• Analysis of future earning or expenses (forecasting)
• Prepare reimbursement invoices and send them to the donor for payment
• Prepare and review cash flow projections for the organization to ensure adequate flow and make
necessary recommendations.
• Oversees and directs the preparation and issuance of the company's annual report.
• Supervise the preparation of donor monthly financial reports for the different projects.
• Presentation of clear and accurate financial data as required on a timely basis. This involves:
o preparing accounts and reconciling balance sheets monthly;
o presentation of income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement monthly
o conducting reviews and evaluations for cost-reduction opportunities;
o overseeing budgetary controls;
o monitoring cash flow;
o monitoring performance and efficiency;
o analyzing change and conducting risk assessment.


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