Friday, April 1, 2011

Chief of Party- International Rescue Committee (IRC)

The International Rescue Committee, IRC, is bidding on a USAID RFA for the FANIKISHA Institution Strengthening Project in Kenya.

The FANIKISHA project aims to improve the health status and well-being of Kenyan citizens through improving the capacity of national Kenyan CSOs to strengthen the institutional and technical capacity of smaller affiliate CSOs.

The RFA response is due 26 April 2011 and the project is anticipated to start 1 August 2011 and run for 5 years.

The anticipated budget range is $38m to $44m.

*Position is contingent upon award of contract.

Scope of work

The COP is responsible for ensuring that the project is implemented in accordance with the cooperative agreement, and all applicable USAID and USG regulations. The COP will be the primary representational link with USAID staff.

The COP will work closely with the USAID in-country Mission to provide project updates, discuss strategies, obstacles, performance plans, and indicator success. The COP will liaise with USAID contracting officers, technical support staff and outside contractors.

The COP will represent the project to all key stakeholders, government officials and donors at coordination fora and other related seminars and meetings. The COP will ensure that project initiatives adequately address the needs of the beneficiary population in the most cost-effective manner.


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