Sunday, April 3, 2011

Education Program Manager

Friends of Londiani is a registered NGO whose mission is to work in partnership with the people of the Kipkelion District to develop and complete sustainable community projects to enable the people to achieve an improved quality of life based on their values and become the authors of their own development.

Friends of Londiani are committed to contributing to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals in accordance with the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. FOL Kenya’s projects include community projects in a number of areas including Health, Education and Water.

Location: Kenya - Londiani Town, Kipkelion District, Rift Valley Province

Main Duties and Responsibilities for National Staff position
  • Providing front-line management and programme set-up (including programme development, partnership management, logistic management)
  • Participate in programme Logframe development and Monitoring & Evaluation to ensure Logframe deliverables are met.
  • Manage programme budgets to ensure cost effectiveness and adequate spending levels are maintained.
  • Manage education proposal process from receipt of proposal to completion of projects where approved.
  • Participate in education project design, funding proposals, donor and other reports.
  • Supervision of the education programmes including monthly reporting of programme deliverables providing regular reporting of activities against education workplan.
  • Providing technical guidance and support to the community groups on FOL Lifeskills peer education programme
  • Supervision of education bursary scheme including regular reporting of student deliverables and delivery of support based on identified students needs.
  • Providing organisational and technical support to MoE, PHO and local partners in the implementation of the Healthy Schools Programme .
  • Liaising closely with MoE and PHO to develop and ensure ownership and integration of Healthy Schools into existing schools including monitoring of existing programmes.
  • Representing FOL in key District level education meetings.
  • Assisting with FOL programme reviews and evaluations.
  • Documenting of programme processes.
  • Ensuring programme quality control.
  • Development of donor proposals and budgets.
  • Coordination with Programme Managers in health and water
  • Any other responsibilities deemed appropriate by the Country Director.
Expected Outputs
  • Monthly progress activity report against expected results
  • Annual report on implementation of the Education bursary scheme
  • Monthly budget reporting
  • Regular field visit reports documenting progress of Healthy Schools Programme including photos


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