Friday, April 1, 2011

Front Office Receptionist– Village Market. Dental Clinic

Our client is a dental clinic based at the Village market with an opening for a front office receptionist.  

Job Requirements
  • More than 2 years experience.
  • Great knowledge of office practices and procedures; business correspondence; record keeping systems; office machine operation; English grammar including usage and composition; telephone etiquette.
  • Exceptional ability to perform filing, receptionist, record keeping and other related clerical tasks.
  • Strong ability to exercise judgment and tact in dealing with the public and other employees.
  • Excellent ability to work under minimal supervision and prioritize work.
  • In-depth ability to clearly explain policies, procedures and regulations.
  • Remarkable ability to identify and correct errors in English usage, sentence structure and punctuation; perform basic arithmetic calculations.
  • Strong ability to work with a variety of people.
  • Proven ability to take and record dictation for letters, reports, and other correspondence and to transcribe these notes into finished copy, depending upon position.
  • Decent ability to use word processing equipment and/or software applications on personal computer.
  • Demonstrated ability to use personal computer to set up and enter data using computer applications.
  • Ability to communicate with others and to assimilate and understand information, in a manner consistent with the essential job functions.
  • Strong ability to operate assigned equipment.
  • Enviable ability to make sound decisions in a manner consistent with the essential job functions.


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