Friday, April 1, 2011

Project Manager – Lomidat Project,VSF Belgium

VSF Belgium is a recognized developmental International NGO founded in 1995 working with disadvantaged communities to increase their standards of living, improve food security and livelihood sustainability through improved animal health and animal production.

In East Africa, our programmes focus on community based animal health services, capacity building of local institutions and governments, conflict mitigation and sustainable natural resource management.

Position Title: Project Manager – Lomidat Project
Duty Station: Lodwar, Kenya
Availability: Immediately
Deadline: 11th April 2011


The Project Manager for the LOMIDAT Project will oversee, lead and manage the Technical team working on food facility and livestock market chain on the Lomidat project.

He/She will be responsible for maintaining relationships with the partner, monitoring, and ensuring that the strategies in place enable the project to reach the set objectives.

He/she will support in technical backstopping of relevant areas in other Lodwar projects, DMI, Fodder production, CERF, Emergency projects etc.

Main responsibilities of

A) Program management and development
  • Project Action planning, implementation and coordination.
  • Networking and collaboration with the Lomidat team.
  • Facilitate the technical implementation of result two and the parts of result three of the action as appropriately designed.
  • In coordination with the VSF B Lodwar project manager coordinate research activities for the improvement of livestock market chain and the development of new project areas.
  • To maintain close linkages with the Lomidat project Butchery/factory and staff
  • To work with the Lodwar project manager, in identifying and develop new projects based on the strengths, capacity and local resources of beneficiaries and specific calls from donors.
  • To ensure synergy in the Livestock market chain project activities.
  • To work with the Livestock traders to develop a clear livestock Value chain, in Turkana.
  • To submit timely project reports based on donor guidelines to the Lodwar project.
B) Staff management and development
  • Development of a team building strategy to promote an effective and supportive working environment within the Turkana Program.
  • Work with the Lodwar team to form a strong technical team.
  • Coach and mentor staff in order to ensure that they perform to the best of their abilities and are fully aware of the theory and practise of development work and the project management cycle.
C) Representation of VSFB
  • Development of relationships with Government representatives, the Lomidat and other local stakeholders
  • Represent VSF B in the Livestock Market chain Project Management Unit (PMU) meetings and coordination meetings
D) Financial Management
  • Ensure that projects are implemented in full compliance with both donor and VSF B guidelines and regulations
  • Authorizing all expenditures for the project and monitoring expenditure on line items as per the approved budget
  • Timely reporting as per donor regulations
  • Facilitation of visits by monitoring teams
E) Communication and Information
  • Inform and collaborate with the lodwar projects manager on a continuous basis
  • Forward relevant project information for the promotion of the Livestock infrastructure development to the Lodwar and regional offices
F) Networking and Liaison
  • Liaison and networking with relevant livestock partners and collaborators to improve the performance of the Livestock chain project in a dynamic environment
  • Assist the Lodwar Project manager in the Development of a joint and common approach the implementation activities of all projects in for the communities in Turkana and the Ecosystem of north-western Kenya
  • Network with Lomidat project manager, General Manager and ensure a common approach and the coordination of activities
  • Promotion of team spirit on all levels within VSF belgium


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