Sunday, April 3, 2011

Strategic Information Advisor

Position Title: Strategic Information Advisor

Dept./Country: Nairobi, Kenya

Reports To: Chief of Party
Est. Length of Service: Five Years

Ref: HR/KEC/CHCK/012/2011

Job purpose: Strategic Information Oversight and Management

  • Conduct multi site analysis of Faith based affiliated health facilities data on key reports required by stakeholders in Nyanza, Western and Rift Valley province (Region 2)
  • Compile and submit the monthly, quarterly and semi-annual reports
  • Ensure the necessary approval for these reports is obtained on a timely basis
  • Facilitate annual work plans, conferences for shared experiences, and additional trainings as required on strategic information
  • Represent M&E aspects of the program at Government, Donors, NGO’s and other working group meetings
  • Ensure that faith based affiliated health facilities have the equipment, staff, training and systems in place to comply with all donor and national health information requirements and to meet the needs of all program patients, staff and facilities
  • Improve the ways in which faith based affiliated health facilities collect, manage and use data so that program and patient monitoring is performed at increasingly comprehensive levels and gaps in services are addressed earlier and more effectively
  • Empower the faith based affiliated health facilities to gain increasing autonomy in evaluating and addressing their own needs, improving their systems and planning for the future.
Professional qualification and Experience
  • BSc Computer Science

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