Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Location: Kenya - Garissa (including other locations in agreement with the Programme Director)
Reporting to: Technical Director, for technical planning + Programme Director, for daily activities
Start Date: ASAP
Duration: 1 year
Fee Structure: Consultancy Fee and package commensurate to experience
Overall Task
This person will help to lead the work of a specialist malaria control team for a four year special Initiative funded by the UK charity
Comic Relief which started in January 2010 to establish an effective and replicable model for malaria control in the epidemic prone area
of north east Kenya, one of the worst climate change affected areas of Africa. The programme will work with a network or local,
regional, national and international partners to achieve new standards and guidance for malaria control amongst pastoralist
communities, in semi arid areas of Kenya and other countries.
This person will be directly responsible for the effective planning, coordination and implementation of all malaria control activities at
heath services level, in partnership with affected communities, the Ministry of Health District Health Team, the MoH Division of
Malaria Control, international, and national malaria control and research partners.
Specific tasks:
• Support Vector Borne
Team Building and Management
• Manage the national malaria case management and surveillance technical team, including recruitment, team building and
activity management
• Coordinate and collaborate with the district and regional teams of the Ministry of Health, and national organizations working
in Garissa in the development of malaria work plan priorities and schedules for all activities planned at health service level.
• Build the capacity of the national clinical team and the MoH counterparts in Garissa, to reinforce their technical planning and
delivery capacity.
Operational Research
• Oversee the implementation of the health services M&E malaria plan for the programme to ensure that the data for indicators
is being collected accurately, analysed and reported
• Design, plan and implement periodic follow-up surveys of health facility services and capacity, health worker capacity and
practices for malaria, malaria diagnostic and treatment accuracy.
• Periodic monitoring and evaluation of health service malaria case management capacity and service quality
• Support several Master Degree students in the implementation of the operational research projects designed under the Grant,
including P. Falciparum and P. vivax prevalence surveys; potential benefits of RDT usage in health facilities for malaria RDT
negative patients and others in partnership with KEMRI, DoMC, Welcome Trust and other international research partners.
• Collaborate with the clinical data entry clerk to ensure that data management remains timely and robust.
• Ensure that research deadlines are met.
Building High Quality Malaria Case Management Capacity:
• Work with the MoH District Heath Team to ensure the joint planning and delivery of technical training of district health
workers for differential disease diagnosis, confirmatory malaria diagnosis and case management of uncomplicated and severe
malaria cases.
• Establishment and management of, as well as active participation in, joint technical coaching of health workers at facility level
and standardized supervision and monitoring of health services indicators for malaria case management
• Production and dissemination of job aids and technical guidelines for health workers
• Improving the capacity of health facility teams to effectively identify, record and report patient symptoms and confirmed
malaria and non malaria cases through existing epidemiological surveillance systems


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